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Meet the Double-B Family

Primary Staff


Bill Bryda


Lead Promoter

Bill started Double-B Promotions in 1987 (then operating under B&F Sports Cards).  His first sports card and memorabilia show was held at the Elks Hall in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.  For 10+ years he promoted a quarterly show, but as attendance numbers grew and dealer demand increased, he changed the frequency to a monthly format. After venturing into other business areas, Bill re-established Double-B Promotions focusing on the Bridal market.


Bill has worked in marketing and ad sales for a local Radio Station for almost 10 years and has also done internet marketing and ad placement for several large companies.  But his passion is helping small local businesses connect with customers who are in need of  the services they offer.  He is definitely a "people-person" and will go out of his way to help anyone he can.


Bill resides in Woonsocket, RI with Missy, their almost 5 year old Daughter, Alyson and his 3 step-children, Megan, Abigail & Jacob. 


Feel free to contact him with any questions.


Missy Bourget


Internet Marketing

Website Design

Missy is Bill's Partner of 6+ years.  She started helping him with the online aspect of the business in 2017 when he re-established Double-B. 


Missy usually the first person new exhibitors will work with.  She helps them with the application process from start to finish including contracts and payments.  She also handles all of Double-B Promotions online marketing for both exhibitor acquisition and expo attendance. She is always willing to help potential exhibitors with any questions they may have and works hard to make the exhibiting process as smooth as possible. 

She also has designed, built and maintained this website.


If you are interested in exhibiting at any of our upcoming expos...Please make sure to contact Missy.  We promise she will work with you and make the entire process simple and stress free for you!



Office/Event Staff/

Megan, Missy's Daughter & Bill's Step-Daughter has been assisting in our Bridal Expo's since the beginning.  She is always there to help in any way she can from stuffing swag bags to helping with advertising and designing promotional material .  She is at every Expo, ready and willing to jump in and help wherever she is needed.  From working the entrance booth, always greeting our Brides with a happy smile to assisting the vendors with whatever help they need.  If you see Megan at any event, always know that you can count on her to help with anything you need.

Megan was one of only two students from her High School who was accepted to the Running Start Program  where she will complete her Senior year of high school while also doing her Freshman Year of College.  Her goal is to transfer to the University of Maine next year and study Early Childhood Intervention. She is also an incredibly talented artist.  We are very lucky to have her as part of our team!

Support Staff



Kelli has been helping Double-B Promotions since the beginning.  She is at every bridal expo ready to greet our Brides to Be with a smile and helping hand.  She also is always ready to spread the word to potential Exhibitors. We are lucky to have Kelli as part of our team!


Kelli lives in Woonsocket, RI with her husband and beautiful 2 year old, Sophia.

Be sure to stop by our Bridal Check in and say Hi to Kelli!



Ted has been one of Bill's closest friends since his B&F Sports Card days back in the early 90's  He has always been there to help with any endeavor Bill undertakes and our Bridal Expos have been no different.  Ted is the one greeting every Exhibitor who walks through the door...asking them what he can do to help and carrying in their equipment with them.  You will always see him on the move checking with each exhibitor if they need anything.  

We have been extremely lucky to have Ted with us for the time we have and even though we wish him the most luck with his move to Florida in September...we will surely miss him and may just fly him back for each upcoming Expo!  

So if you see Ted at our August Bridal sure to wish him luck!

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